EP 030: Bridging Worlds – Navigating Culture Shock in Cross-Cultural Relationships

Love knows no boundaries, but what happens when cultures collide in a relationship? In today’s episode, we dive deep into the world of culture shock within cross-cultural partnerships. We’ll offer insights, share personal experiences, and provide strategies to build bridges instead of walls. Tune in for an enlightening discussion!

EP 029: Elephant in the Room – Unveiling the Mysteries of Ganesh Chaturthi!

Let’s unravel the mystique and grandeur of Ganesh Chaturthi! From the cosmic tale of Lord Ganesha’s birth to our modern, cross-cultural spin on the celebrations, this episode is your gateway to one of Hinduism’s celebrated festivals. 🎉🐘

EP 028: The Strings, Beads, and Toe Jams That Bind: Mangalsutra & Toe Rings—An Epic of Indian Wedding Bling

Join us in this exhilarating episode where we unbox the timeless bling of Indian weddings—Mangalsutra and Toe Rings! From their age-old symbolism to their modern makeovers, we cover it all. Ideal listening for anyone ranging from a soon-to-be Indian bride to an international jewelry thief looking for cultural context. Don’t miss it!

EP 027:  The Lemon, The Chilies, and The Cross-Cultural Knot: Understanding Superstitions in India

This episode of ‘Married to India’ dives deep into the vibrant and perplexing world of Indian superstitions, where faith meets tradition, as well, as a bit of mysticism. Host Amy Regeti explores how these beliefs intersect with religion and culture, often creating intriguing yet confusing dynamics in a cross-cultural relationship. Whether navigating the ‘Evil Eye’ or curious about why you shouldn’t sweep the house after sunset, this episode is your guide to understanding the roles these superstitions play in Indian families and how they can affect your relationship. Tune in for an eye-opening discussion, real-life anecdotes, and practical advice on how to tread these culturally rich yet challenging waters.