EP 038: Social Media Influence on Family Ties

In this thought-provoking episode of ‘Married to India,’ we look into the seismic shift in the mindset of our youth influenced heavily by social media. As parents of five, we see this significantly in our two daughters, especially aged 27 and 19; we’ve observed firsthand how digital platforms are molding their perceptions, values, and beliefs, all of which were instilled from a very young age only to warp their sense of truth and well being often clashing with the family ethos we’ve nurtured. We will discuss the importance of loss and disconnection many parents feel, the rising trend of estrangement in family relationships, and ponder over the critical question: Can we, as a society, salvage the sanctity of the parent-child bond amidst this digital wave? Join me as we explore solutions, share insights, and seek a path to understanding and connecting with our children in the social media age.

EP 037: Manners Matter – Navigating Etiquette in this Indo-American Cultures That We Have Spawn

Get ready to chuckle and nod along with ‘Married to India,’ as we dive into the often amusing world of manners and etiquette across Indian and American cultures. With the holidays just around the corner, join us in a light-hearted exploration of cultural quirks – from the surprising to the outright hilarious. We’re talking slurping, belching, and everything in between. Whether navigating a multicultural family gathering or just curious about cultural norms, this episode will offer insights, anecdotes, and friendly tips to embrace, adapt, or laugh off these fascinating differences. Tune in for a fun take on manners that might save you from an awkward holiday moment!

EP 036: The Art of Giving – India vs. USA

Join us on “Married to India,” where this episode unfurls the vibrant tapestry of gift-giving traditions across continents. From India’s rich, color-soaked festivals to the celebration-centric United States, we explore the nuanced differences and surprising similarities in how these two cultures express gratitude, honor, and affection through their presents. We delve into the intricacies of cultural significance, the types of gifts exchanged, the rituals wrapped around them, and how globalization is blending these traditions. Whether it’s the auspicious rupee notes in India or the personalized wish lists in the US, we unwrap the layers of meaning behind every ribbon and every bow. Tune in to discover the ethos of gifting – where every gesture tells a story and every tale bridges hearts.