EP 035: Plot Twists in Parenting – The Surprises Along the Way in Raising Yours Kids Within a Cross-Cultural Marriage

Join us as we explore the joys, challenges, and unexpected plot twists of raising children in a cross-cultural marriage. From navigating festivals and traditions to juggling different approaches to discipline, we share our heartfelt experiences and practical insights. Whether you’re blending two cultures in your own family or being fascinated by the complexities of modern parenting, this podcast offers rich stories woven together, advice, and many relatable moments. Subscribe now and become part of our global family!

EP 034: Awkwardness and Distance in the Cross-Cultural Merging of Families – How to Fill/Lessen the Gap

Today’s episode jumps into the often-awkward dance of merging two families from different cultural backgrounds. Through personal stories, examples, and practical advice, we explore how to combine these other worlds to create more harmony within your families.

EP 033: Light Up Your Life – A First-Timer’s Guide to Diwali Celebrations

Join us in this illuminating episode as we guide you through your first Diwali celebration! Explore the festival’s rich history, discover its significance in Hinduism, and pick creative ideas to spark your festivities. Perfect for those new to Diwali or anyone looking to deepen their understanding of this radiant occasion!

EP 032: Chai and Change: The Role of Tea in Indian Society and Family Life

Today, we explore the heartwarming and often transformative role of chai in Indian society and families. From roadside tea stalls to family gatherings, let’s steep ourselves in the cultural importance of this humble beverage, all while sharing personal family rituals involving chai.

EP 031: Community Support Within Your Race: Is This Unspoken Behavior a Subtle Form of Racism?

Today’s episode delves into the fine line between community support and racial or ethnic exclusivity, focusing on examples within the Indian diaspora. Join us as we navigate the complexities of this contentious issue and examine whether community support can become a form of inadvertent racism.